About PhytoHub blog

About PhytoHub blog

The Phytohub blog was launched in 2022 in the framework of the JPI-FoodPhyt project. It publishes short articles related to the contents of the expert-curated database on food phytochemicals PhytoHub (https://phytohub.eu/).

Aims and Scope

PhytoHub blog articles encompass topics related to food phytochemicals, such as their dietary sources, contents of specific plant foods or food groups,  metabolism and pharmacokinetics in humans, bioactivities or health effects.

The articles proposed by scientists collaborating on the database PhytoHub are reviewed by an editorial committee before publication.

Editorial Board

Claudine Manach, INRAE, France

Christine Morand, INRAE, France

Laurent Emmanuel Monfoulet, INRAE, France

Sabine E. Kulling, Max Rubner Institute, Germany

Ana Rodriguez Mateos, King’s College London, United Kingdom

Rosa Maria Lamuela- Raventos, University of Barcelona, Spain